Sanitary Sewer Overflows: Interactive Maps

These interactive maps of Sanitary System Overflows (SSOs) were created by Dr. Ashley Johnson* and the data was compiled by Dr. Nisse Goldberg. The Department of Geography at Jacksonville University hosts these maps on their website. For more information regarding SSOs, please see the Wetlands section.

View the maps at the following URL:

*Ashley Johnson received her Ph.D. in Interdisciplinary Ecology from the University of Florida in 2004. In addition to her Ph.D., she was awarded a certificate in geospatial sciences. She began teaching at JU in the biology department in 2009 and is currently a professor of geography and the environment as well as sustainability. She teaches a variety of courses but focuses on technical geography courses or geographic information systems. Her research areas include coastal, marine, and inland water planning, describing spatial barriers to health care, and geography education in upper elementary and middle schools. In addition, she is interested in researching policy solutions to pressing environmental issues, including harmful algal blooms, management and development of working waterfronts, and sea-level rise.  She has lived in Jacksonville for 15 years.



View this recording to help understand how to access the maps:

SSOs 2021 Swipe App

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Social Vulnerability Index (CDC, 2018) 

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Flood Risk Projections 2050 (First Street Foundation, 2020) 

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State of the River Report Story Map – Vulnerabilities 

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Septic Tanks 

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