The State of the River Report is the result of a collaborative effort of a team of academic researchers from Jacksonville University, University of North Florida, Jacksonville, FL; Florida Southern College, Lakeland, FL; and West Chester University of Pennsylvania. The report was supported by the Environmental Protection Board of the City of Jacksonville. The purpose of the project is to review various previously collected data and literature about the river and to place it into a format that is informative and readable to the general public. The report consists of four parts—the website ( the brochure, the full report, and an appendix. The brochure provides a brief summary of the status and trends of each item or indicator (i.e., water quality, fisheries, etc.) that was evaluated for the river. The full report and appendix were produced to provide more to those interested. In the development of these documents, many different sources of data were examined, including data from the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, St. Johns River Water Management District, Fish and Wildlife Commission, City of Jacksonville, individual researchers, and others. The researchers reviewed data addressing many different aspects of the Lower St. Johns River. The most statistically rigorous and stringent research available was used to assemble the report. When a draft of all documents was produced, an extensive review process was undertaken to ensure accuracy, balance, and clarity. We are extremely grateful to the following scientists and interested parties who provided invaluable assistance in improving our document. Reviewing this report does not imply agreement with opinions and conclusions reached by the Report’s authors. The following list is comprised of reviewers from this year and past years (* denotes 2020 reviewers). 

A. Quinton White, Jacksonville University (JU) 

Al Canepa, SJRWMD 

Anita Nash, FDEP * 

Ashley Smyth, UF * 

Barbara Donner, FDEP 

Betsy Deuerling, COJ 

Bill Karlavige, COJ EQD  

Carissa Curlee, FWRI  

Charles Jacoby, SJRWMD 

Christopher Swanson, FWRI 

Chuck Jacoby, SJRWMD * 

Dale Casamatta, UNF 

Daryll Joyner, FDEP 

David Wilson, UNF 

Dean Dobberfuhl, SJRWMD 

Derek Busby, SJRWMD 

Donald Axelrad, FDEP 

Douglas Adams, FWRI 

Ed Cordova, JEA * 

Emily Bradley, FWRI 

Gary Weise, COJ EQD 

Jan Landsberg, FWRI 


Jessica Abraham, Broward Schools 

Jill Sullivan, DCPS 

John Flowe, COJ 

John Heine, JU 

John Hendrickson, SJRWMD 

John Higman, SJRWMD 

Joy Hoffman, COJ EQD 

Julie Espy, FDEP 

Justin Solomon, FWRI 

Kelly Smith, UNF 

Kendra Goff, FDOH 

Kevin O’Donnell, FDEP 

Lee Banks, FDEP 

Lisa Rinaman, St. Johns Riverkeeper * 

Maia McGuire, UF * 

Marcy Policastro, Tetra tech, Inc. 

Matthew Waters, Valdosta State University 

Mia Patterson McGuire, UF 

Michael Boyles, UNF 

Mike McManus, The Nature Conservancy 

Mark Middlebrook, St. Johns River Alliance  

Maria Mark, Timucuan Trail Parks Foundation 


Melinda Simmons, JU * 

Melissa Long, COJ 

Mike Rossi, DCPS 

Patrick O’Connor, FDEP 

Paul Steinbrecher, JEA 

Richard Bryant, National Park Service 

Robert Richardson, UNF 

Robert Storm Burks, SJRWMD  

Russ Brodie, FWRI 

Scott Turner, FDOH 

Stephan Nix, UNF 

Steve Swann, Applied Technology & Management 

Tatiana DiSalvo, St. Johns Riverkeeper * 

Ted Lange, FWRI 

Teresa Monson, SJRWMD * 

Tiffany Busby, Wildwood Consulting * 

Tiffany Trent, SJRWMD 

Tony DiGirolamo, FWRI 

Vince Seibold, SJRWMD 

Wayne Magley, FDEP 


Gerry Pinto, Principal Investigator, JU
Brian Zoellner, Principal Investigator, UNF 
Gretchen Bielmyer-Fraser, JU
Radha Pyati, West Chester University of Pennsylvania 
Nisse Goldberg, JU
Charles Closmann, UNF
Anthony Ouellette, JU
Niki Spadaro, Technical Editor
An-Phong Le, Florida Southern College 

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