The State of the River Report describes the health of the LSJRB based on a number of broad indicators in four major categories, seen to the left:

The State of the River Report is based on the best available data for each river health indicator listed above. How each indicator contributes to, or signals, overall river health is discussed in terms of its 1) Current Status, and 2) the Trend over time.

The Current Status for each indicator is based on the most recent data and is designated as “satisfactory” or “unsatisfactory.” In some cases, this designation is defined by whether the indicator meets state and federal minimum standards and guidelines.

The Trend is derived, where possible, from statistical analyses of the best available scientific data for each indicator and reflects historical change over the time period analyzed. The Trend ratings for each indicator are designated as “conditions improving,” “conditions stable,” “conditions worsening,” or “uncertain.” The Trend rating does not consider initiated or planned management efforts that have not yet had a direct impact on the indicator. Statistical tests to indicate trends vary with each indicator and are described in each section.

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