Welcome to the Lower St. Johns River Basin “State of the River” Report.

The State of the River Report is the result of a collaborative effort of a team of academic researchers from Jacksonville University, the University of North Florida and Florida Southern College. The purpose of the project, funded primarily by the Environmental Protection Board of the City of Jacksonville, was to review various previously collected data and literature about the river and to place it into a format that was informative and readable to the general public. The report consisted of three parts—the brochure, the full report, and an appendix. The short brochure provides a brief summary of the status and trends of each item or indicator (i.e. water quality, fisheries, etc.) looked at for the river. The full report and appendix were produced to provide those interested with more detail regarding the results summarized in the brochure. In the development of these documents, many different sources of data were examined, including data from the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, St. Johns River Water Management District, Fish and Wildlife Commission, City of Jacksonville, individual researchers, and others.

Water Quality, Fisheries, Aquatic Life, & Contaminants